Sik Mok Kalah (Direct Translation: Don’t Want to Lose) Me: I just love to sleep. I spend most of my weekends in bed, snoring like a wild boar. SMK: Oh I sleep a lot too! I can sleep from 9PM to 4PM the next day! Me: I’m thinking of getting myself a Marc Jacobs handbag. Kind like a birthday gift for myself. SMK: My husband asked me the other day whether I would like a Louis Vuitton’s handbag and I was like, WOW! YES! And it’s not even my birthday yet! Me: I’m so happy that my company increases my optical allowance to RM1800. SMK: That’s all? My husband’s company is giving them RM3000 for optical allowance! Me: This Cambodia trip is my husband’s birthday gift to me. We’re not sure where and when do we want to go for our honeymoon though. Maybe Beijing, China since we both always wanted to visit the Great Wall of China. SMK: For OUR honeymoon, we’re planning to go to on a Europe tour. More romantic you see. I don’t know where we’re going for MY birthday. But definitely somewhere overseas. Me: I’m hoping to get myself an iMac... (blom abis cakap terus kenak potong) SMK: Oh I’m DEFINATELY getting an iMac this year. I told my husband about it and he agrees that we MUST get ourselves an iMac. We already know where we’re going to put it. Oh I can’t wait for my iMac! iMac! iMac!



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