Day 5 after surgery

I now can get up from bed without wincing too much. 

I can walk a bit faster but just around the house. 

I can sit on the floor but I still need the Mister to help me get up. 

I still can’t do anything much aside from all that even when my head is screaming to pick up the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the living room. And every time I cough or sneeze, I have to hold it in or SUFFER THE AGONY OF THE ETERNAL DAMNED. Once, I coughed so hard (I blamed the ice-cream) –the pain was beyond words. My body formed into a tight ball trying so hard not to scream MOTHERFUCKERSONOFSATAN right in front of my in-laws. 

As for showering, my lips quivers and whimpers as I’m dying to splash myself with water from head to toe. But because I have to keep my three wounds dry (Yes, I have 3 holes on my belly. If I puff my stomach a bit, milk pours out), I have to settle with wiping myself with wet clothes. ONLY. It’s a torture enough to make a sane woman stab anybody who dares to say, “Eww” or EVEN wrinkle their nose a bit. 

The mister has been a great help. He has been there for me, attending me 24/7. He cooked, he cleaned, he fed, he washed, he nursed; he was doing E-VE-RY-THANG for me. I can’t express how much I really, really appreciate and grateful I marry him. If I had married the other guy (the one I was weighing whether to choose him or the Mister to go on a date THAT fateful night –long story. I’ll blog about that one day) I know and I can guarantee I’ll be at home, alone, tending my wound myself, feeding myself, taking care of myself in every kind of ways coz he’ll be out –working or hanging out with his friends. THANK YOU GOD FOR DIRECTING ME TO THE MISTER’S PATH INSTEAD!

Just because I was about to be cut open by a surgeon, it does NOT mean I have to settle with the boring hospital attire. So I spice it up with my super delicious purple socks. Tada! Can even cheer up a dead person.

Erm, Doctor? Not that I want to be an ass but can I play Juliet? I mean, this IS an operating theater right? No? YOU GONNA DO WHAT HERE? ON ME? NO I SHALL NOT BE QUIET! WHO ARE YOU TO SHUSH ME? HELPPPPPPPP! HEEEEEeelllpppppp... Zzzz...

Thank you for the flowers & fruits!!! I'm loved! Awww!

The mister made a mini ward for me, right in the living room, facing the TV (in which I don't get to watch much coz I spend most of time in dreamland)

Time to take my medicnes.




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