Date Night

It’s been awhile since the Mister and I went on a date. What’s with the moving, the cleaning, the hauling, and the renovation, work and of course, my assignments, both of us are pretty dead busy and by the end of the day, both can be seen collapsing at our front patio –too exhausted to move further in.

See those eyebags? Those are not AIRBAGS okay!
So on Tuesday, to celebrate our 2 months anniversary together, the Mister took me on a night cruise on his bike.

When we were on the road, we noticed people were staring at us. It was weird to be gawk at. What? I think I look pretty normal in a helmet. I don’t think I look like a mushroom head much, right? Please say I look like Kim Kardashian normal.

We then decided to have our dinner at a quaint local deli which suits my preference that time: quiet, good food, and far, far away from hungry noisy maniacal Mirians in town.

The Mister ordered himself pasta and I ordered Beef Lasagna with mash potato and salad. All were heavenly delicious!

We took our sweet time savoring our dinner. We chatted easily. We laughed. We were relax and totally at ease. It's been a while since we get to really enjoy our dinner since we're always rushing around like as if we're baboons with our tails on fire.

I also found out the Mister have a folder in his phone where he stored all the photos of me that I send to him throughout our dating time. It was hilarious as hell to see myself back then. I know it was not that long (a year ago or less) but it was interesting to see how much I change.
My hairstyle, my smile, my pose, my everything.
And he kept each and every one of em. Sweet! But creepy at the same time. He said he’s my legal personal stalker. Hahaha!

Happy 2 months Anniversary, Love.



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