Pauper Dinner

The mister and I gained 2kg each these 2 months. Huh. Yeah, marriage life is THAT good.

So we decided to cut down our carbs-infested-fatteningly-obese food to something carbs-not-so-much-fat-but-still-be-yummy-to-swallow food.

That's where we thought of what we like to call, "Pauper Dinner"

A pauper dinner is food in a small portion of carbs and fat like ceasar salad,  lean white/red meat cooked with vegetables and etc. No rice. No second helping. No midnight snacking or dessert except fruits.

It was haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!

For an eating machine like me who eat and poop for living, eating a small portion like that felt like FUCK and each and everytime after dinner, I wanted to throw myself on the kitchen floor and bawl my eyes out. Once, I almost bite off the Mister's thigh for taking a bit of my portion of food. Yes. Yes. I was THAT hungry.

A week after following the regime, it didn't feel that bad anymore. Whenever I feel like snacking, I grab an apple instead. The other night I made the Mister apple juice (THANK YOU ME FOR BUYING YOURSELF A JUICE MAKER LAST YEAR! GOOD INVESTMENT DUDE!)

But when we were invited to have dinner out with family and colleagues, our pauper dinner slowly changed to a king's dinner! That's the reason now we gained each 2kg. FOL.

So here we are again. Starting our diet regime. Again. But this time, the Mister is going to add "exercise" as part of our losing weight regime. Shat. Shat. Shat. Everyone knows I HATE exercise. But that 2kg must go! So yeah, I'll lift my gigantic butt off the sofa and gym, kick-boxing, jog, walk, walk, walk... I rather go through puberty all over again but 2kg! Ugh...

Anyway, the other night I made Potato Jacket for dinner. Unfortunaly the jacket didn't turn out well. So instead, I mashed the soft boiled potato with a bit of salt, 1 raw egg, pepper and scoop it into a plate. On top I placed pieces of cheese and microwave it for 3 minutes.


It was delicious! Take my word. Please. And yes, that's dinner. ONLY THAT. I can hear you screaming in your head right now. Unbelievable right?

Have faith. Hahaha.




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