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Yeah I bet you notice something new here. If you’re a duck, then yes, you would not notice anything except the Twitter bird on my side bar, in which, is not a duck.

Surgery went well. Thank you to those who emailed me personally and send me DMs in Twitter expressing their good wishes. I read it all just after I woke up from my surgery. Better believe it, you! That’s how HARDCORE I AM WITH YOU GUYS! ROAR!!! (I also checked how my Smurfs were doing and managed to harvest some crops before pain killer knock me out again)

However, I was too weak to reply each and every emails/DMs/SMS. And once I got discharged, I spend my time sleeping and groaning. Having stitches is a bitch. If you have never been operated before, consider yourself extremely lucky. The agony, the pain, the boredom of lying down 24/7 really sucks monkeyballs.

In between times, I tweeted bit here and there, entertained friends and relatives who came to visit, watched a lot of TV, read books & blogs and of course, sleep.

Then today, I got tired of flattening my bum on the bed, I was suddenly inspired to redesign my blog and voila! Now, now... Say thank you. I know it’s better than before coz it’s cleaner, simpler and screams, “BALQIZ IS BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK”

So yeah, I spend 6 hours today redesigning everything from top to bottom. 6 hours. Wow. And here I am, telling you that I’ve no time to reply emails/DMs/SMS huh? What? I can’t hear you! Huh? Good job? Why, THANK YOU!

I also added another Advert at the sidebar called HEARTBEAT. Per unique click is –RM0.04. If you’re a kind, generous and warm hearted amphibian, do CLICK and if you have a blog, go and JOIN (earn some extra pocket money to buy myself some common sense)! But if you’re a heartless turtle, meh *wave tiredly*

My pain killers are kicking in.

Time to say, ciao




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