Strung Out. Not the addicted-to-drugs kind of strung out. It's the kind where you're just physically weak. Without drugs. Yes. WHY WON'T YOU BELIEVE ME?!

If you follow me in Twitter, probably you have read my crazy-cat-lady-rants and curses these past few weeks. I’ve been so stressed with work that I functioned like a monkey on Meth who howls 24/7.

Yesterday was one of those days that literally made me jumped off my seat and ran screaming from one office cubicle to another until everyone thought I was possessed by a Satan. Yes, Satan called Margaret (it’s an inside joke)

When the Mister picked me up from work, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “ARRRRRGHHHHHHHH!”

He nodded. He knows me too well.

“Why don’t we visit Belle’s Bookstore after dinner? I’ll buy you a book. That’ll help to cheer you up a bit” he said.

It did. It cheered me up immensely.

Instead of 1, he bought me 3 books!

My first novels this year! Yes, yes I know it’s March already and I haven’t read one book ohshutupalready.

Last night, I can feel my body relaxing as my mind drifting along the storyline of The Lady Most Likely. And how did I repay sweet husband? By ignoring him the whole evening. I was so absorbed reading. Typical me.

Me: If I’m stress again next week, what will you get me?

The Mister: Don’t count on it.

Meh. It was a good try.



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