RIP Cheerful Me.

I feel like crap. My mood is low. There’s no smile on my face. I’m tired of talking. I don’t want to do anything. I suddenly hate the perfume my husband always uses (which is f-up coz I bought it for him and I love the scent). I have no appetite to eat anything. I want to tell people to shove it where the suns don’t shine. I am lazy. I'm grumpy. I'm a douchebag. You're a double douchebag. I don’t feel like reading or blogging or twittering. Comics and cartoon fails to make me laugh. My mouth feels like I just swallowed heaps of sawdust. I feel hot and bothered all the time. I want to gulp gallons of cold water but I can’t coz cold drinks gives me gas. I am hungry but food repels me. I bought some clothes but I don't feel like wearing em. I woke up feeling dejected. Some part of my body is throbbing and doctors can’t explain why. I hate crowds.

Gawd, either my PMS is running a bloody rampage on my sanity
or I'm about to combust any minute now.

What do I want?!

I want to feel like good-old-me again.



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