Ride. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

The first time the Mister took me on his bike; it was a short ride that almost traumatized me to the core of my tail bone. It was scary coz the passenger seat is quite high from the ground and even though he maneuvered skillfully between the many KL cars on the road, it didn’t help to reassure me that I’ll go back to Miri in one piece. It was painful too but I can’t write about that in fear the word "vagina" will make tongues wagging ferociously. Especially to those who do not think there’s such thing as "freedom of writing". Yes YOU. I'm talking about YOU!





Idiot. Wag those tongues, baby.

The second time, the Mister tricked me into agreeing to ride on his bike. He asked, "Would you like to join me and my buddies to a street party in KL?" I said, sure! Wow! Street party! In KL! Not the lame kind of street party we had in Miri last month (which I didn’t attend but I heard it was so lame, people sleepwalk on the street). Sure as hell I would like to go! But, really, I really, really need to THINK first before answering coz saying YES actually sealed the deal as he said, "Ok but you have to ride with me on my bike coz it’s a biker’s street party. No turning back" Shit.

But don’t get me wrong. It was not as bad as I feared it would be. The ride I mean. The party, I didn’t pay that much attention to it coz I was busy swallowing the whole party scene through my camera like a hungry piranha. No, I was not dancing or drinking nor do anything closely resembling a "party animal". I just love photographing everything in sight. Especially the motorbikes displayed. Oh me. Oh my. I had to slurp back my drool in fear it’ll drip on my camera. I love, love, love big bikes. How ironic I’m dating a guy who love big bikes too? Life sure is funny.

Oh yeah, the ride. This time the ride was longer. We were riding from Damansara to middle of KL (I have no freaking idea what’s the name of the road but I know it was just next to Pavillion Shopping Mall. Trust me to know the shopping mall first than anything else around it)

It was a whole new experience and knowing me, I’m a sucker for experiencing new stuff. It’s the Aries blood in me, see. Thrill seeker. New stuff. Adventures. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. The whole shebang.

So how do I sum up the experience? Thrilling! Awesomeness to the core! Exciting!

I now have a new found respect to those who has seen the exhilarating side of motorcycling, the good and the dark sides and yes, lived. The thrill of speed, the people/friends riding along side, the challenging obtacles on road and yeah, you tend to forget everything when your face is in the breeze. Simply, awesome.

Later days




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