Me is a Bum Bum

The Internet at home decided to go AWOL on me and being an Internet junkie, 7 straight fucking days without it was an endless torturous spiral zone.

But the good thing about it is that I get to catch up on my reading. And house cleaning. And toilet scrubbing. And cooking. And life. And stuff like that.

A willy-wonka moment. Love me.

Last Wednesday and Thursday, I attended attend a pre-nuptial course (this suppose to be in a post of its own ~Wedding Drama Part XXX but I'm too brooding to care and since I'm blogging through iPhone now, I tell you one thing, it is such a pain in the anus. Blogging via iPhone I mean. Whatev)

Camwhoring with a "tudung" Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaburp...

Can't remember when was the last time I cook something aside from porridge and instant noodle so last Saturday, I decided to make myself comfort food and stuff my face with it. I made pasta. Tada! (I know. I know. The photo sucks. But it taste so nice I ended up licking up the whole kitchen with my tongue)

Oh. Meet Ah Meng. He's a new family member in my Mom's household. My sister saved him from a drain, soaking wet and dirty on the first day of Hari Raya (imagine a young girl in baju kurung jumped in a drain just to save a kitten. yes. yes. it was hilarious as hell)

My sister gave him a name that sounded like ... Gustav? I can't remember. Then my brother changed it to Syawal (coz he was found on the first day of Syawal. Get it? Get it? Neither do I). Then when my brother's friend dropped by the house and saw the little midget playing with Phoebe, he said, "From now on his name is Ah Meng". I have no friggin idea how and why and who the hell gave him the permission to change the kitten's name but it stuck until now.

So folks, meet Ah Meng.

All photos taken by iPhone, shaky hand and no flash and all.

Later days




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