Merinsak Kata Orang Sarawak Eh

- I have my Internet back! (sobbing happy snots down the keyboard)

- I think butt jokes are funny but out of 10, maybe only one or two would laugh when I excitedly tell the joke. By laughing, I mean hesitant nervous laughter with wary eyes looking for escape route.

- I’m currently obsessed with Criminal Minds the TV series. I’m so obsessed that I’ve been caught "profiling" everyone around me including my mom’s cats.

- I’m getting married in the next... what? 11 weeks? And the knowledge that I’m going to be the Mister’s wife hasn’t sunk in yet. Most probably will only sink in when we hold our first grandchild or when zombie apocalypse reign upon us (which most probably will happen in the next century so if you’re alive then, good luck)

- This October gotta be the shortest month EVER! Every time I look at the calendar, I slapped my forehead thinking its still July. Or April. April please? April! April! April! (My birthday month you dork!)

- No matter what, I can never bring myself to watch Inception. I know, (and this is a well known fact), I will just end up staring at the screen wondering what ice-cream flavor I should get later. You see folks, I can watch romantic comedies and I can watch NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds, Lie To Me and understand what goes on but to watch something deeper than that, that requires one to think and penetrate deeper into your cerebral cortex, well, let’s just say, in a nicer term, I’ve a simple mind. There. Simple. Not an idiot. Just simple.

- I hate the fact that I’ve to shed a few kilos just so I can look good in my wedding dress. That’ll teach me to scoff at those whom I used to poke fun at for dieting months before their wedding. Meh.

- Another blog I diligently follow has been shut down (screaming bloody murder). But this one is slightly different. It was shut down due to goody-goody Netizen’s complains. Bah. Humbug. No freedom of speech whatsoever. Hmph.

- I’m going to Singapore for the third time this year this weekend. Booyah!

- I want to go to Beijing so badly, it’s insane!

- I love my Twitter friends. These faceless people are my constant dose of inspiration, love and laughter (disregard the fact that we abuse the use of Twitter and Foursquare by over using it and "chatting" instead of "twittering")

- Feeling blessed and deliriously happy that something GREAT and BIG is happening soon! (^.^)

So how are things with you?




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