Letting Go is Not That Difficult

So, yeah. About the photo above. My face. Yeah. Erm. Well. I looked like an anus there so... Erm... I photoshop a random model/actress photo on it instead. Much better doncha think? It’s much better than looking at a buttface. Buttface! *Rolling on the floor with fits of nasty giggles* BUTTFACE! Get it? Get it? Bah, humbug.

As you well know, I’ve a truck load of books at home. Then one day I decided to sell em off. I told some of my fellow bookworm friends of my decision and man, the horror on their face was as if I was swinging a bloody sledgehammer around infants or something.

Of course I loved and treasured my books. I wouldn’t have kept it since I was 10 but it’s time to let go.

I sold my books at a ridiculously cheap price. Even those that I just bought and read like a month or two before, I sold it at RM5 each. If you scoff at the price, you know nothing of charitable heart, my dear. It was not my intention to make profits. My intention was to create an opportunity for people to purchase affordable books to read and hopefully, it’ll make other bookworms out there happy. It’s time that my books transport them instead to the land of romance and fantasy and made their day.

60% of my books were sold off that day including all my Archie comics.

I made quite a hefty sum of money from the sale and I donated it all to Piasau Animal Welfare Support (PAWS). It’s a non-government organization that shelter abandons animals in Miri.

I now have a big space at home to fill my new books in! *happy bunny dance*

"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you" ~John Bunyan

Melissa said we both looked like some foreign maids at Malaysia's border looking for our passports. Good one Mel! *highfive*

(Photos by MedianLabs)

P/s if you want to make donation to PAWS, check out their Facebook page: PAWS MIRI for further information




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