A Dear Diary Moment: Just Another One of Those Girlie Moments

We were slightly disappointed that KK, Sabah holds no appeal to us anymore coz we decided we're MAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE SHOPPING IN SINGAPORE INSTEAD! (squuuuueeeeee!)

It took me 3 Singapore trips this year to realized this. Slow. Yes. Yes. I know.

Thanks, KK. We had some great times together but it's time for me to move on to a better, much to my kind of current taste and style in Singapore. 

P/s If you're a Zara lover, here's a friendly shopping tip: MUST. SHOP. IN. SINGAPORE's. ZARA!!! It's 10x AWESOME! (squuuueeeeee!) 

P/s/s I STILL do not like F21. Even those in Singapore. FTL. I'm hoping F21 in the U.S will change my mind. 




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