Wedding Drama Part II (Prewed Photo II)

Along Samiun, one of the Picuclix photographer, captured the candid side of my prewed and I must say, I'm impressed!

I never look good in candid photos before but, but, but here, he successfully and awesomely captured the sweet, funny and hilarious moments during the photoshoot and I look OKAY! Not fantabulous but still... I LOOK OKAY!

In candid photos I usually and most of the time, resembles someone who is chocking to death (mouth wide open, eyes bulging out like a baby Troll and drools, yes, sometimes there are drools) and sometimes I ended up giving the camera my super bitch face (eyes hooded as if I just murdered someone's pet or some shit).

Definately not a photo you would like to keep as memory sake. Nope. Nope.

But but but here! Ta-da! Suprise, me!

Thanks Along! Fantabulously good job!

Check out the slideshow!




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