Drawing a Creative Blank

Currently, obsessed with lomo.

Currently, busy with final exams (2 papers to go!)

Currently, frantically trying to submit 2 assignments before my ADD stab my knees with a fork.

Currently, trying my best to organize 2 charity programs before end of this month (Apparently I was sleep-walking to work one day and volunteered myself to do it. Both. Yup. Douche bag)

Currently, all I want to say to people whenever they ask me, "So how's the wedding preparation going on?" is "WHO CARES? NOBODY CARES!!!!" but I just said that in my head coz I'm tired to talk let alone snarl my head off.

Currently, I'm tired and exhausted and a teeny-weeny-bit stressed up juggling EVERY-FUCKING-THING. Sorry. I'm PMSing. Men, it means I'm bleeding. Through my nose. Hah! You suck.

Later days.



cyrildason said...

Ilek.. ilek.. :-)

Btw, hows the wedding preparation going? hehehehe.. jangan marah...


Kizz said...

(whisper softly) yusof tayooob...

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Jangan lupak jemput kamek okeh XD


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