To The Mister...

Thank you for bashing the living hell out of the forest behind my house. The picture of you armed with a lethal weapon and you, using your martial art moves to cut em all to itty bitty pieces will forever be embedded on my smiling lips.

Thank you for giggling like a monkey when reading out loud one of my romance books. I now cannot touch that book in fear of not taking the romance seriously ever again.

Thank you for sitting 2 hours straight without complain during my wedding make-up trial run. For a person like me, who can never sit still long enough to count from 1 to 10, your patient is highly admirable (I was fidgeting non-stop the whole time, fyi)

Thank you for being so insanely handsome in that white smart shirt, black sleek pants (thought that makes you look short le sigh!) and that black/white vest. By the way, I took your glasses away coz I want them to shoot your beautiful eyes. It’s a SIN that you have to hide that light brown eyes.

Thank you for making me remember how perfectly nice it is to take care of someone again. I fell into that role so easily as if it’s meant to be mine, for the rest of my life.

Thank you for introducing me to NCIS, the TV series. You should’ve seen your face when I confessed I don’t understand a single thing they said and I made that confession after watching 3 of the episodes with you. Hahaha! Yes, Love, I may appear “intelligent” most of the times but there are some moments in my life that I’m as dumb as a door knob. You were sweet enough to explain to me one by one soon after (cue to say “awww”)

Thank you for taking the part of being “the man in my life” by fixing my car, my kitchen door and eliminating my rat problem. There are some things in life that I, as a woman simply cannot do and that’s where you come along. Thank you!

There are more that I want to thank you but I better stop now coz I need to study for tomorrow’s exam. Wish me luck!


sya_zazoo said...

Gud luck for ur coming exam? BTW, when is the big day?

Kizz said...

Thanks! One paper down, 2 to go!


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