Bad News Folks...

Due to some complication, Phoebe had to undergo caesarian in order to take out the kittens which were stuck in her womb for already 14 hours. It was a sad moment for all of us when we found out that all kittens were already dead in her tummy and the BLOODY SURGERY COST US A SOLID RM750 FOR FUCK SAKE!

And NONE of the kittens survive! **inhale** Calm down, me. Calm down. It’s ok... It’s water under the bridge already. It’s not her fault that SHE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY GIVE BIRTH LIKE A NORMAL CAT STUPID IDIOT PAMPERED DAMN PHOEBE! **Inhale**Inhale** The main thing is Talullah Phoebe is okay.

Whatevfu...! Gross!!!!!

And as a pay back to her for bankrupting us whole family, we gave her a new necklace. Tada! (insert maniacal evil laughter)

The Cone of Shame! *snort*giggle*snort*guffaw*

Hey! We never claim to be normal so whatev!

All photos are courtesy of my brother via his phone (who most of the time suffering from the uncontrolablle bouts of nasty giggles)




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