My Dear Diary Moment

I was not feeling that well yesterday. I blamed the weather. It has been raining every evening and though I love rain, this time, the cold weather gave me more than just mere goosebumps. It gave me severe stomachache. How? Don’t ask.

So yesterday, I dragged my lazy ass self to the nearest clinic hoping the doctor can give me a medicine that can burn my inner organs and at the same time light me up like a Christmas tree but the doctor doesn’t think my joke was funny ha-ha so she injected me instead with Tequila to help “heated” me up a bit okay kidding that FOR SURE DID NOT HAPPEN though it is an interesting thing to write about so anyhoo, the doctor prescribed me some medication.

While waiting for my medicine, I waited at the waiting area, sat next to this girl, age roughly around 10 to 12 years old. She was looking so pale and sickly that I half expected her to growl at me and start eating my brain or some shit zombie does.

But she was slouching on her seat weak and pathetic. Poor girl.

Yup, poor girl until she suddenly stood up and threw up! She Totally-Friggin-Threw up right in front of me!

I jumped out of my seat, stared at the mess on the floor, smelled the stench and guess what? I TOTALLY FRIGGIN THREW UP then and there!


Yes, yes I did threw up in a clinic, in front of a dozen or more so people, right on a lady’s shoes, folks.

Yes, yes, I did all that.

And yes, I was mortified beyond belief.

The girl was crying and I wanted to sit next to her and cry along but I was busy wiping my mouth with my hand so only a second or two after that that it finally register to me that the girl’s mom was laughing. THE MOTHER WAS LAUGHING! FOR FUCK SAKE WHO DOES THAT! I JUST VOMITTED MY BREAKFAST ON HER SHOES AND SHE WAS LAUGHING!

So to wrap this story up nicely, I apologized profusely to the mom and tried my very best to NOT look like an idiot who just threw up coz it’s an automatic thing when I smell bad stench of something and I must say, the mother was really, really nice about it. She offered to help clean me up and was smiling throughout the whole time.

Wow. We really need more people like that in this world. Like seriously.

Later days!


aliffcullen said...

ha-ha. another remembered day ever.

LadyBird said...
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LadyBird said...

poor you. get well soon. :)

Kizz said...

Thanks Ladybird!


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