You must be THIS short to read this post

This month, I’m paying back all the debt I owe myself in April. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Read a book. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Cook neighbor’s heads for making such a racket when I try to sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

Last night I slept at 7:30pm. Years ago when I used to fall asleep that fucking early was because I was a depressive hibernating chipmunk. Remember, when you sleep A LOT, it could be a sign of depression. I’m serious! *Lift left eyebrow while doing the Russian dance*

But this time, I was just plain honest to goodness tired. And also fucking lazy as hell.

You guys are awesome. Really! Thanks for taking the time to email me and tell me what’s what and yes, I still haven’t reply you NOT BECAUSE I DON’T APPRECIATE YOUR EMAILS but because I rather use my time to imitate a ninja snail and try to blend in my surrounding. A feat worth documenting in the history of my life.

*Groan* It's too early for spewing rants.
I need my hot tea… or a Tequila shot. Whichever that the tea lady can bring me...




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