The crap you miss last month

Apparently I forgot to hit the publish button last month therefore as a result, a post that is half moldy and stinky and rotten to the core... But hey, at least I spotted this early and hit PUBLISH as soon as I reread everything and think... hmmm... Okay. Definately "Publishable"

You see, I was trying to blog via my iPad. Let me tell you one thing about blogging via iPad... NOT. EASY. YO. I think I give up when I was tired of wrestling with the coding and drown my sorrow by stuffing my face with chocolates.

Blogger, you made me wish I had been using Wordpress all these while...

And since Adobe Photoshop (PS Express) app does not have watermark function, I had to use other app to watermark my photos. I used Impression. Pretty useful actually.


Turtleneck by MNG
Necklace by Axxezz


You would THUNK I have the time to apply fake lashes and all those shits on my face just so I can look gorgeous in snow? Fat chance, dude. Those lashes, contact lens and makeup are effects I created using Fotolr Photo Studio HD app.
When I first discover this app, I went gaga over it. I even ‘prettyfied’ my mom’s cat, Tepet Shawshank Redemption Hook Shot the Third
The before photo


See? She’s so cuooote! Like plastic! (Mom is so gonna murder me)

Moving on!


Checkered shirt by F21

Sunglass by Gucci (Bought it at a super low price that I asked the salesperson, “Is this really original or you’re an unethical human being who wants to sell me fake sunnies at RM400 a pop?” No, of course I didn’t ask her THAT question. Why the fuck would I ask that question in a Gucci boutique? But I admit I was irritated that Ms Salesperson gave me the I-are-baboon-with-no-money-to-afford-shit look. So I bought it to spite her. I don’t think I can cry WIN in this situation, huh? FML)


Same shirt. Just different color. I bought 2 of it coz it makes me feel… young (Oh for crying out loud) And I was not happy with that gigantic zit on my face. I swear it was so huge, I can use it to hang a photo frame. Or a lantern while you’re at it. Or hang yourself if you feel like it.


Blouse by Zara

Each and every time my hairdresser gives me a new haircut; I have this urge to howl at the moon or at anybody for that matter. I always, always hate my hair after I walked out of a saloon after a wash/blow/dye/cut. Once I’m out of my hairdresser’s eyesight, I will start messing my hair around just to get that I-just-woke-up-from-a-night-of-orgies-with-my-cats look. But this time, I didn’t mess it up. I took a photo of it first AND THEN I messed it up. Win.
Last photo. I promised.


This cracks me up. That’s my brother next to me. We were checking out this new army shop in Bintang Megamall, Miri and spotted these awesome masks. I think it’s a mask. Whatever. I want to get it so I can wear it on a bike ride with the mister but I think it’s illegal to give pedestrians on road a cardiac arrest. So I didn’t get it *muttered STUPID PEDESTRIANS SO WEAK GO DIE* *Emo*




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