Jazz Fever at 2011 Borneo Jazz Festival

I had an awesome night at Borneo Jazz Festival.

Despite the sudden migraine I suffered the whole night, the entertainment that night was so good, it lifted up my spirit and I was swaying with the fantastic performances!

However, the next day, I paid the price -I had to hide myself in my room, with no lights, no noise, just blankets and aircondition. I now know how it feels to be a vampire. Any slight movement or just a tiny light, BAM! My migraine hit me hard till my eyeballs pops out of its sockets. And it lasted for 2 days and 2 nights straight.

Anyhoo, who wants to hear about migraines when there's photos to feast the eyes, roite?

Enjoy the photos!








An eco-friendly food container!

Dinner was Penang Char Kueh Tiaw which was SLLURRRRRPPPPPFEST! I was tweeting LIVE the whole night (that explains the phone and err yeah... I forgot what I want to write just now. Damn short term memory lost!)

The first performance was by SIU2 from China


Then by Cunha E Piper from Brazil/Australia


John Hammond from USA



And my long-awaited band... THE LES DOIGTS DE L'HOMME from France!!!


If I'm not married, I'll ask the middle one whether he wants to breed beautiful babies with me...


I told the mister that and he was threatening to drag me back home instantly.


I love my husband.


With Daphne and Elsa.



Thank you Sarawak Tourism Board for organising this awesome event! And thank you to Sarawak Blogger for sending me to cover the night via Twitter and Blogging about it.



P/s I think I'm better at Tweeting about events rather than writing about it. Le sigh...



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