Thank you.

I’ve no more tears to cry. I am now emotionally drained.

I had cried the whole night. I even cried in my dream.

As cliché as it sound, yes, life is so unfair. My wants, my wishes… my 3 ultimate desires… No one, NOT ONE FUCKING SOUL CAN HELP ME ACHIEVE IT! Not YOU, YOU or EVEN YOU! FUCK YOU!

It may sound melodramatic to you, so what? What do you know what goes in my head? What do you know about suppress desires? My wants are bigger and greater than ever and it matters a lot to me because it’s mine. I don’t care about YOUR wants because EACH AND EVERYTIME YOU WANT SOMETHING, I’M THERE TO PROVIDE YOU TO HELP YOU AND EVEN WENT TO THE EXTREME TO GET IT FOR YOU. And this is what I get in return?

Thank you very much, selfish asshole(s).



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