Who Are You Today?

Are you running away from something? Your past maybe? Or from reality? Or adult responsibilities?

When you look at yourself today, do you see someone who’s happy? Who had achieved so much in life? Who is where he/she wants to be? Who is wiser and wealthier and healthier than 10 years ago?

Or are you the same person... Still trap in your own Neverland. Refuse to grow up. Refuse to take responsibilities? Refuse to accept you’re reaching thirty or forty years old? Refuse to be ready for adult challenges in life like families and babies and career change and new life elsewhere?

So... who are you today?


Aradia said...

Hi Balqis, nice blog you got here. I like all the pictures you posted. Creative angles.

Today, I feel like a Wonder Woman. lol

sya_zazoo said...

huhu..part reaching 30 ya dh goose bump all over..huhu

Kizz said...

Hey Aradia, thanks for dropping by ^^ Today, I'm a slug coz my brain is all mashed up due to extreme workload *kuangkuangkuang

sya_zazoo, jangan la buat org nabes... I'm turning 30 next year T___T *nangis tepi penjuru dinding*


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