The Little Girl I Was Before

When I was young, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

I would sit and ponder and read and watched TV and asked around and still, I don’t know what I want to be. So every time I was asked to write an essay about my ambition, I end up writing 5 to 6 different ambitions in a year. Yup. Couldn't make up my mind even then.

Some occupations I thought of:
A teacher. Coz everybody in class wants to be one.

A pilot. Coz it seems cool to be a female pilot (it didn’t occur to me back then how I would HATE flying in a confine places like an airplane)

A doctor. Coz I love the white coat and I was a sucker for the TV show E.R.

A nurse. Coz of the E.R show again.

All were the typical ambitions a kid would dream of. But I couldn’t settle with one to save my life. I would try to picture myself as a teacher but with wailing, noisy brats around my ankles, I said, hell no! I rather be a pilot instead.

Then I picture myself with a pilot uniform, sitting behind a cockpit and staring at all the thousand of buttons and gears and shits and went paralyzed with fear. And back then I was already an acrophobia.

So I’ll just settle to be a doctor instead. Then I read that to be one you have to study for 6-7 years. That is longer than high school! Changed my mind again for the umpteenth time. A nurse? Boring. A nurse has no say whatsoever coz she’s just an assistant to a doctor. No offence to nurses out there. I was 12 mind you.

So what did I end up being?

One thing for sure, if my 12 years old self were to ask me that question now, I would smile to her and said, “You’re gonna be awesome babe”



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