Shahman & Fera ~The Deadly Duo


Here we are again with me and my ramblings. As much as I love photography, I think I love talking about it more ^_^

So let’s check out the second scene for the lovely, yet deadly couple!

The second scene is where Shahman @ Mann and Fera fought a lethal fight. Apparently, both are actually deadly assassins! (Gasp!)

Fera was mad. Mad at Mann for making all her fruits scattered all over the road the other day and she wanted revenge! She’s in for the blood! And since she’s very skillful with weapons, watch out Mann!

And Mann, caught off guard by the sudden attack, fought back for his life! Awesome fighting scene I tell you. Too bad I didn’t have popcorns in hand.

After fighting for many hours (phew!), they decided to call it a truce. Check out the photos!

To be continued...



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