A Lifetime of Distraction, Impulsiveness and Wackiness

Curse is when you are extremely aggressive and compulsive and impulsive.

Only a hand full of people in my life understands that it’s a brain deficiency.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not using that as an excuse to act like a neurotic rampaging kitten killer.

Well, someone used to say that, “It’s in your head” and I answered, “Literally yo!” but of course what the person meant was, “Blame it on yourself and not blaming it on other things”

Whatever. If you only know how hard I work to fix myself… Sigh!

But that’s that. People always assume the worst coz their lack of understanding in scientific facts makes them who they are today –Slug. Imbecille. Moron. Dung beetle. Bum. No IQ. Nada.

Nevertheless, I’m blessed with a man who accepts me at my best and at my worst. Understand and believed me when I said, hey I have ADD/ADHD or commonly known as I-can-meet-someone-fall-deeply-in-love-marry-fight-hate-and-divorce-all-in-about-35-minutes-or-less. Haha. NOT FUNNY!

Where was I? Oh… rats. Whatever.

Later days!



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