Shahman & Fera ~The Meeting

I love, love, love pre-wedding session!

Not only do I get to a lot of creative angles to work with, but also I get to witness how couples interact with each other, their body language, their secret smiles that only they know what it means and best of all, their love and lots and lots of laughter flying around!

This is my third (or is it forth?) pre-wedding session and this time, I’m extremely lucky to be picked by these two cheeky, yet fun loving couple as their photographer that day.

I must admit that Shahman and Fera are like the two best looking engaged couple ever! I had an absolutely great time photographing them. Both are really fun people and ridiculously photogenic!

For this session, they wanted to have few scenes where each scene tells a story.

This first scene is of course, as the title said, the meeting scene. Shahman, or Mann, acted as a guy who approached Fera in a flirting yet cheeky way. He passed by Fera in his car and playfully tried to tug Fera’s basket of fruits and started a “tug of war” scene till Fera’s basket fell and fruits scattered all over the road.

Check out the photos!

To be continued...


banie1779 said...

cantik gamba tok,tp mun muka girl ya lebey emosi mmg perfect la gamba tok...hehhe...x nampak gilak muka girl ya ba...hero nya ok dh...ada muka gatal,muka kesian n muka fallin in luv..hehhe...i like...

Kizz said...

Hahahahaha! Yeay! Ada juak org dpt "feel" gamba tok especially dr muka si Mann. Thanks for dropping by!


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