Short update

I just came back from a week long visitation to KL to give support to my sister's daughter's kidney operation (will blog further on that) and also finally took out my wrist stitches (I had an operation 2 weeks ago. Will blog about it also soon) and I just started work today and I've thousand of emails to catch up and I just remember my assignment is due next week Thursday and I haven't starter SHIT and my next subject's assignment will be out this Sunday (FCUK MY LIFE) and my house is a bloody mess (we left in a hurry -will write in details about it soon) and I have 3 new books plus a magazine that I MUST READ BECAUSE IT'S THE KEY TO MY SANITY and by the time you finish reading this, my brain just combusted and splattered bits and pieces of brain meat all over my monitor.

You are welcome.



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