Alina's Kidney Surgery Part II

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The operation that was supposed to be 3 hours turned 5 hours. Everybody took the opportunity to take a nap while waiting. As for me, I went back to the hotel to get Kaisan to rest. Poor guy was up the whole time with us.

At around 7pm, one of the nurses called my sister to come down to the operating room. Alina woke up already and the operation was A-OK!

My sister went inside and spends some alone time with her daughter. I don’t think seeing your 4 months old first born strapped down with 4-5 tubes, groggy, and whimpering after a surgery is easy for any parents. Even as an aunt, seeing my niece like so made me hug my son extra hard at night…

Then the nurses wheeled Alina to a special pediatric room where there were nurses on standby 24/7 for her. Alina slept the whole night and the next day, she woke up with gusto! But not before she stared down her mother menacingly as if accusing my sister for putting her through hell. Ahh… that’s my girl! She got her spirit from me, you see (shameless aunt)

She had one tube on her throat, one tube on her kidney, one tube in her vajayjay, IV tube on her feet and another IV tube on her hand. As her doctor said, Alina looked just like a Christmas tree. She was on epidural still and slowly they lower her dosage to enables her to nurse.

Alina's scar 10 days after surgery

Because the doctor wanted to monitor her intake, my sister cannot breastfeed her. Instead she was asked to pump her milk and feed Alina through bottle. And because my sister was too stressed, she was unable to produce much! I had to come in and help. So for the next few days, my sister and me took turn to be less than a woman and more like a cow. Moo… Pump, pump, pump.

Up to point that I pump too much that blood came out instead of milk. Man. It freaked me out like as if a zombie was gnawing my breast instead of an electric pump.

7 days later Alina got discharged. It was a giant relieve for all of us.

The doctor unblocked and reconstructed her kidney accordingly and did not remove it because he said her kidney worked 10%-20% but will see in a month time the progress. So next month she will go for another test to see how’s her kidney after the reconstruction. Please pray for some miracle that her kidney suddenly turn perfectly fine, can? Please?

When I think back about what had happened… It was like all were meant to be. My sister and her husband transferred to KL early this month. They were supposed to transfer next year but through God's will, they were asked to go early. It was a coincidence move because as soon my sister in KL, she went to see the specialist and that was when they found out about the kidney swelling to the size of an elephant’s skull. Then because I was on one-week medical leave due to my operation, I was able to go and give support and became a cow. It was like everything has been prearranged and all went well after that.

By the way, because this is a birth defect, insurance in Malaysia does not cover the expenses of the operations. But because my sister’s husband is a foreigner and his Insurance is not from Malaysia, the RM30k was covered.

I now understand why people would ask for donation when there’s major surgery done on their kids. Next time when there's a donation drive for baby's surgery, I promise myself I will donate more to help out.


sya_zazoo said...

i pray her kidney will perfectly functioning. no more surgery for her. May Allah ease her pain thruout any procedure. May Allah grant her parent with endless patience. Amin.

Grace sue said...

Thank god everything went well. I know i couldnt read this post through because its painful to even imagine what baby Alina and her families had to go through. The tears came the moment i saw her big eyed picture sitting on the hosp bed wearing her bunny socks. I have a nephew and i love n care abt him like as if he is my own son. Thats what happens when a child is in someone's life.

Your sister is so blessed to have a sister like you. This makes me think so this is how sisters lookout for each other. Even to the deepest like breastmilking!

Wishing baby Alina speedy recovery and strength on her parents and families.

Balqiz Sulaiman said...

Thanks sya_zazoo! Aminnnnn insyallah

Thanks Grace Sue!

lv said...

so good to know everything went well and most importantly ALL FULLY COVERED BY INSURANCE!! Phew!! that is A LOT OF MONEY, mannnn!! ok, now like you i understand why people ask for donation for baby surgery already.... i will donate more to help. seriously, no baby should go through this ordeal but God has every reason for every situation.

i pray for bb Alina's fast recovery and your sis' family as a whole. they are lucky to have u as their sis and aunt.


Balqiz Sulaiman said...

Thanks Leanor!


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