Alina's Kidney Surgery Part I

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4 days after my wrist surgery, I received a call from my sister saying Alina is scheduled to have her surgery early. Like, in two days time early.

I was shocked because initially the doctor said to wait until Alina reach 6 months old or 8kg whichever comes first. But Alina was only 4 months old and 6kg! Turns out her kidney SUDDENLY swell to a size bigger than an adult’s kidney and because it was so big, her surgery will be treated as an adult surgery. The doctor said there’s a high chance of complication and risk.

The last sentence felt like icy water being thrown at me. Without much thought I booked a flight to KL and flew with the husband and Kaisan the very next day. On the very same day, Alina was brought to Gleneagle to be admitted.

I don’t know why Alina’s kidney suddenly engorge to an abnormal size nor do I know exactly what the doctor was saying when he explained everything about Alina’s kidney condition to us on Alina’s first night in Gleneagle’s pediatric ward. But I do know, during the surgery the doctor is going to examine Alina’s kidney and if he finds that it is still working like 20% or more, he’s not going to take it out but will do some sort of reconstruction on the kidney’s tube.

That evening, Alina received her IV jab on her feet. The doctor said she have to fast for at least 5 hours before her surgery. That. Is. Epic. Fudge. How the hell can you keep a baby from nursing her mom for 5 freaking hours???? And Alina nurse like every half and hour!

Are you telling me I cannot milk mommy for 5 hours? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

But it was necessary so the next day, I went to Gleneagle’s pharmacy and bought two pacifiers, hoping it’ll help to appease Alina’s hunger a bit. Didn’t help much because Alina does not use pacifier since birth so the rubber tit felt weird to her. She sucked a bit then spat it out. I tried to give Kaisan the pacifier too and he too made weird faces and threw the pacifier away.

The surgery was scheduled at 2pm so while waiting, we tried many things to make Alina comfortable during her fast. We walked her around the ward to sooth her cries while dragging along her IV fluid. We were noisy with our silly act to cheer her up. And we were everywhere, going in and out of the ward to buy or to take something for her. Anything to make her happy.

The nurses there were extremely helpful, friendly and accommodating. I wouldn’t say having the whole clan down at the waiting room easy, what’s with our demands and constant pacing and questioning, but they were polite, full of smiles and patiently answer our questions to ease our worries. Whether they were genuine of not, we don’t care. We were extremely appreciative at their professionalism and warm-hearted gestures.

At 2pm, Alina was asked to change into the surgical gown and wheeled to the operating theater. Quietly I recited some Quran’s verses and prayed everything will work fine for her.

To be continued...

P/s I was just informed by my sister that the reason why Alina's kidney suddenly enlarge was because it was filled with way too much urine.


lv said...

T__T my heart ached so much seeing her innocent face in that surgical gown.

My best friend's daughter has just went through almost similar procedure last august. two months after her 1st birthday. but her's was liver problem that made her went jaundice. ya. u heard it. after 1 year and two months. her liver swelled 5 times the normal size and doctor has to remove her bile and use her little intestine to replace some ducts. then i read about your niece here not long after that. So sad that babies have to go through this.

Send my love and sayang to baby Alina. Hope she'll get well soon.

Balqiz Sulaiman said...

Oh god... I cannot imagine how your friend is handling it... Operation done on a baby is definitely not in the top list of What A Mother Wants for her kids. Thanks Leanor! Will send your love to Alina through my sister ^_^

Anonymous said...

my baby is schedule for MRI brain next monday and she's just 5 months old.. she has to fast too.. i dont know how will i cope. mommy need to be strong..MUST!


Balqiz Sulaiman said...

{{{HUGS}}} Yanty, you are strong. I told my sister to recite doa Nabi Yunus to give her strength and that is one advise I highly recommend you do. I hope everything will be perfectly and absolutely okay for your daughter. If you want, you can share your story here for parent's awareness and how mothers handle this kind of situation.

Email me and I will post your story here okay? Take care ya!

Anonymous said...

I wish i'll have a courage to share with you about my baby.. Insyaallah.. When all things are settling down, i will email you.. Too many question and uncertainty now. It's all come down to MRI's result this monday. Thank you for the advice..



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