Cliché for the day: Time sure flies.

It has been a month plus since the birth of my young padawan. Watching him grow from a tiny, red-faced infant to a slightly-bigger-than-tiny, semi red-faced somewhat-older-a-tad-bit infant is priceless.

As the memory of my ghastly pregnancy experience is slowly fading away, I know this very moment with my son will also fade as time goes by. That is why I lessen my time on the Internet. The most I would do is just to read blogs I subscribe when he’s asleep. I even cut down my online games to only twice a day and each time maybe spend 10 minutes or less (just to keep me sane).

Time is much more worthy to be spend with my lil’guy. He will never be one month old again. He’s growing everyday, come up with new tricks everyday, feature changes everyday and develop personality of his own everyday. And all the money in this world can never turn back times or even buy me all these moments to be relived all over again.

Ohshitimbeingsoemoliciousinthispost! There goes my reputation.

Of course, at this stage, he sleeps a lot. Sometimes I take the opportunity to sleep too. But most of the time, when he sleeps I do laundry, cooking, cleaning and so on. And all these house chores, take ridonkulous amount of time!

That also explains why I’MSORRYIHAVEN’TREPLYSOMANYEMAILS! Including emails from advertisers. Shit me. I am so in the run for the Olympic Gold Medal of Blogger Who Ignores Monetizing Her Blog –under stupid female category.

If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now: I’m lucky to be married to the Mister.

I know what you’re thinking. And you’re right. I said it more than a gazillion million times already before. And you’re thinking, “Shut it, woman! Come up with something new to be grateful about! This is getting old!”

But I am truly ever so happy and grateful I have the Mister as my husband. He helps me a lot during my confinement and at the same time, keeps me from turning into a cactus and pricks everyone with my lack-of-sleep edginess [DID YOU JUST SAID I LOOK LIKE A PANDA? OH NO YOU DIDN’T! HOLD MY MASSIVE EYEBAGS!].

Aside from that, he’s also an awesome possum kick-ass father who changes diapers like a ninja, able to calm Kaisan’s cries by just holding him on his shoulder, brew yummilicious formula/milk that knock our baby to sleep for hours, clean and run errands like a pro. If he were a character from a movie, I would say he’s Superman. If he tries hard enough, he can even bend a spoon. I swear. Oh wait. That’s Matrix.

It’s nice to know that the cavemen traits still exists in this modern world. Men scout for food, women at home caring for their young ones. And along the many, many decades, men develop few more other traits such as cleaning, cooking and even wipe baby’s ass! Dear single women out there -don’t go for looks. Go for hairy cavemen. Trust me. You won’t regret it.

Just for the record, I’m not going to talk about Kaisan’s daily ritual. I know how the Internet works. Today I praise him silly about his long naps and good moods and next thing you know; tomorrow, BAM! He’s cranky and sleeps only for 5 seconds. So no. Not gonna murder myself senseless with this old trick in the book. I’m on to you, Internet. I know your game [squint eyes menacingly]

That’s all, folks. This mother of all Jedi needs to check on her padawan. Ciao!



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