1 month old. WHAT?! Dear Time, SLOW DOWN!

"I look down into your eyes and feel you tugging at my breast but it feels like you're tugging my heart"

He's the sweetest, most lovable, funny, awesomely cute little mushroom nugget monkey bunny baby ever. And we decided to keep him. For good. That is until he's 18 or coming home with 99 different piercings on his body. Whichever comes first.

P/s I'll TRY to post something tonight. I owe it to you guys who had been here for me through thick and thin, with your generous supports and advices. But no promises though! I said I will TRY.


grace r said...

wow. i wouldnt know time flies if i didnt stop by here tonight. or rather morning. and he is one month old already?? already?!

hope everything is well with u and ur little guy :)


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