Love The Way I Whine

Remember my crazy water retention when I was pregnant? The one that gave me major pain in the ass Carpal Tunnel for months? The one that forced me to wear wrist braces that made people think I was a professional bowling player?

Yeah, that one.

People said once I give birth, it would be gone. Like, poof!

Poof? More like PFFFFT!!!

Okay, yes, my hands are no longer swollen but it is still painful –till now. Up to a point that I can’t lift up my son because of the excruciating pain that never fails to make me scream SON YOU ARE TWO MONTHS OLD ALREADY WHY WON’T YOU GET A JOB ALREADY! (My son understands that his mother is a bit or more batshit crazy most of the time)

I can’t bath my baby in his tub. I can’t spontaneously make movement like doing the Egyptian dance with my sister when the impulse is there. I can’t use the stone mortar. I can’t for the life of me grasps a pen to write.

The pain radiates in the wrist. Both wrists. It’s crazy. Nobody understands how painful it is when I force myself to use both hands to do something. I winced. I cried. I growled. I howled and turned into Jacob Black’s hairy chest.

I tried massages. In fact, I had like 10 massages in mere 2 months and still no change. In fact, it made it worst. Everybody said I should not put pressure on my wrists. Pfft. How? I have a baby for crying butt loud! I have to carry him, lift him and clean him. If I can get my feet to do all the work, yeah, bring it. But I do not have the monkey ability to do so.

So I suffer. Until now. Doctors called it de Quervain’s tendonitis. I did get it check but the medication suggested is a no-no for breastfeeding me. I’m thinking of acupuncture but the thought of needles make me want to wet my pants.

I’m going for another check-up soon and we’ll see how it goes. Sigh. Macam-macam jak…


Anonymous said...

if you reeeaallly have to take medicine for the pain;
then better you pump your breastmilk & store (like i did last time).

breastmilk can be stored in the fridge for up 6 weeks and 6 months in the freezer :)

in my case, I had to pump & stock up cause have to take fever medicine + pain killer...

so I pumped and stored like 24 bottles of 5 ounce bottles which last for 3 days(feed with bottle)...then on the 4 days, i pump & dump just in case there's medicine residue in my system; then resume breast feed again.

good luck & get well.


Balqiz said...

Good idea Bell! Thank you!


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