Dear Readers

Of all the days for me to be seen and greeted by silent readers of this blog, why must it be on the day that I look like a white-back female gorilla who just been dragged out of a burning refugee camp screaming, “MY BANANA! BAAAANAAAANAAAAANAAAANAAAA!”

When a reader came up to say hi and said he reads my blog last week, I was flattered. Thank you, you. I appreciate it but with my hair greasy with oil (I just had a massage that day), wearing my ancient faded blouse and no make-up whatsoever, fashion police literally DIED to witness such disaster. I assure you I don’t usually go out looking like a homeless bag lady that smells like crude oil. It was just one of those days.

My sister said, “Ha-ha! You can never, ever go out in public looking as messed up as this anymore. Your readers will think you’re lying when you post nice photos of yourself but in real life you look like shit”


This always happens to me. I blame Murphy’s Law. When I go out fully deck in makeup and nice outfit, I meet no one in particular. But just when I don my train wreck messed up costume… GAH!

You see, Miri is a small city and my blog is one of those few in Miri that are being read by many. It’s not a big deal to be recognized (#humblebrag) but WHY MUST I BE SEEN ON DAYS I LOOK LIKE A RETIRED DRAG QUEEN?

Few months ago, I was at a night market with the Mister and because I was heavily pregnant, puffy faced, water retention killing my feet, I couldn’t be bothered to look my best and that was when I met a reader who introduced himself and said he likes reading my blog. Oh hell no… This scene is WRONG. CUT! WHERE’S MY MAKEUP ARTIST? BRING IN MY IMAGE CONSULTANT!

Yes. Yes. Looks are not important. It’s the content of this blog that matters.

REALLY? WHAT BULLCRAP IS THAT? LOOKS/IMAGE AND CONTENT BOTH MATTERS. I am a visual person and this also makes me a shallow person coz I tend to judge a person by their appearance.

I seldom, almost rarely be seen worst for wear. Even at home, I try to wear nice clothes especially to bed. That is why I cringed badly when I realize most of my old home clothes don’t fit me anymore. I was reduced to wear the Mister’s T-shirts or tattered old PJs. TIME TO GO SHOPPING!

Maybe I am an anal when it comes to look but it makes me happy to be seen pleasant looking.

So the next time you see me in town, do say hi but if I look like a Madam Sasquatch that day, please spare me the embarrassment and just drop me an email/comment to say “Hey I saw you the other day! Your Sasquatch look is to DIE FOR! By the way, love reading your blog. Cheers!”


Anonymous said...

u always look good. met u few times (passing by)and not daring to tegur. haha.


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