Going Ninjutsu with Baby Formula

I sincerely believe that I was born with a tiny little bell situated just next to my cerebral cortex and this tiny bell is designed especially for Kaisan. As and when there’s something wrong with him, this itsy, bitsy, tiny little bell would BLAST OUT THE LOUDEST RRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING EVER that could even awaken my long-ago-dead ancestors. And when the bell ring, immediately I put on my ninja costume and prepare for battle with whatever that’s wrong with my son.

And since birth till now, our endless battle is with his formula.

As I mentioned previously, 80% of the time he is formula-fed. The rest, well, boobies galore. Finding the perfect formula for him is harder than figuring out how to look sexy wearing a spandex at 80.

His first formula was SNOW (Just to avoid confusion that is a brand of a formula. I do not, and I repeat, do not feed my son snow) and he had the world worst diarrhea a baby age 2 weeks could ever experience. And the EEFFFF part was, people around me said IT’S NORMAL FOR A BABY TO POOP WATERERY STOOL AT THAT AGE SO LEAVE IT BE AND ONLY GO TO A DOCTOR WHEN HE’S BLUE OR DYING OR SOME SHIT THAT I omg!howbloodystupid!yourreasoningis! I ignored their supremely idiotic advice and went to see a doctor and lo behold, moroness of all ages, IT IS NOT NORMAL FOR A BABY TO POOP WATER. Aside from that, Snow also gave him bad rashes. Poor baby looked like he was hitting puberty hard at 2 weeks old with tiny zits all over his face. My ninja senses were right.

Doctor said Kaisan must change formula coz he’s obviously allergic to it. He suggested us to try ISOMIL. It’s a soy milk formula for babies who are prone to diarrhea and yes, after taking it for few days his stool become solid BUT a week after that he started to cry so hard at night that as if he just got fired from his high paying job and got dump by his supermodel fiancĂ©e all at the same time. Turns out the formula were giving him major colic. The formula also made his stool harder than diamond and he had constipation for few days.

Then we changed his formula to SIMILAC. Only a day with the formula, his tummy got bloated due to wind and WELCOME BACK DIARRHEA HOW ARE YOU FINE THANK YOU.

Then we tried ANMUM. For 2 weeks, nothing happened. I thought, “This is it. This is his soul mate formula ever after!” So I went out and bought 2 cans for stock. The very next day, my ninja senses rang its alarming bell when Kaisan started to PREEEEEETPRROOOOOOOTSPLAAAAATPLOOOOPSPREEEEEET Diarrhea. Again.

We brought him to our doctor yesterday and he gave us MAMEX GOLD, a formula without lactose because he suspected Kaisan might be lactose intolerant. We went home, fed him his new formula, which he spit out and the next day, skin flared out with rashes. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGING BELL!!!!!

Preppy Baby is sticking out his tongue at all his previous formula

We went to the doctor again today and he sighed and said oh maybe Kaisan’s allergic to protein and not lactose so let’s try NANH.A.1 PRO formula.

Are you still with me? Have you been counting on how many type of formula we’ve tried and experiments and my son STILL hasn’t turn into a Spiderman?

Preppy Baby thinks his mom's blog is boooorriiiinggggg

Well, we don’t know how is the new formula with him. Right now is a wait and see game and God, I’m praying hard that this formula is his perfect one.


Anonymous said...

Omg, look at his hair! And he's sooooo stylish too. My god dear woman, how did you find the time and patience to dress him? Very impressed.

That aside, it's normal to have a battle with formula. Good luck with finding one that suits him!



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