Sneak Peak: Mi Casa

On the computer table:
The mister's action figures, our wedding door gift (a white wedding cake shape candle), the mister's stash of coffee candy and our photo together.

My collection of fortune cats and souvenirs I collected from places I traveled:

Sadly, I had to throw away the broken, rusty and chip ones. Sucks innit?

That is why I prefer fridge magnets as souvenirs. My collection of souvenir magnets over the years:

It's easy to handle, not so fragile, pretty to look at and at the same time, easy for me to keep track on where I've travel and all. Friends and family who knows I collected these helps to contribute some and filled my fridge with places I've never even been too!

Bought these in Ikea the last time I went to KL:

My daily dosage of massive giggles and laughter. Must. Watch. Every. Day:

Sweet memories must always be visible to the naked eyes to reminds us how lucky we are that we're together:

Till then, ciao!



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