The End.

I am not so naive as to think that I am without haters and enemies. I am frank, blunt, misunderstood, bitchy and downright rude. For that, I am a magnet for people to dislike me and of course, a magnet for gossipmongers.

Having my life blog, though I do not write in details, I am still risking alot. I am putting myself for public judgement and intense scrutinization. I am also feeding those gossipmongers more fuel to gossip behind my back.

Yet, I am still here. I know there are those who come here wholly interested to read what I write. Some even become my friends in real life. But I also know there are ALOT of other people coming here, following my blog deligently, read and bitch about me to their friends and family.

If these people are strangers, I can accept it. But most are not. Most are people I know or people my family know. These are people from my hometown. And sadly, some are even my own family (direct family excluded)

My pregnant photos are taken and showed to others by these people.

My pregnancy stories spread like wildfire from one mouth to another and it has been twisted and turn and become a story farther than truth.

My rambling thoughts and nonsense that has nothing to do with my life or anything for that matter has being discussed, analyzed and ridiculed.

My wedding stories become a huge issue for some family members until some don't even want to talk to me anymore.

And many more. Many, many more.

And yet I persevere.

Why? Because I have nothing to lose.

I have no secrets to hide. I am an open book and I am fine by it. I don't want to hide from embracing the truth in my life.

But now... Now I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant with a sweet, beautiful, adorably active little boy and I want to protect him from all these malicious people coming here to judge him, scrutinize him, and criticize him when he's born.

I can accept shits thrown at me. But not at my baby. It would not be fair for him.

So today, after much thought, I decided to stop. Oh I will still blog. I love writing. But not now. Someday, maybe. Here. Or elsewhere. God knows.

This is the end of a long journey.

Thank you, all, for reading all these while.



Asidah said...

oh no!! please dont.

sya_zazoo said...

aiyo..wat happen to you dear.forget about them.if u dont blog they will never stop talking..let them talk.indeed you have nothing to lose..

lv said...

huhuhu!!! are you serious?! huhuhu...... T___T

apijah said...

oo tayang tayang nya..sapa anok nya tek....loi na org anok nya! if u want to make it private..just email me k!...mek bok nak nangga balkiz jr! mesti gaok!

LadyBird said...

boy? did you just say a boy? yeahhhhhhhhhh betul la tekaan ku selama tok..*do the jagger moves*

*serious mode on*
i do understand the concern & the foreseen 'ching chong ling long' on what you write esp when 'Boy' is in the picture. its the same/similar concern by others too when Kimora exposed her children to the world in her reality tv show. people will always pick on you especially when you're the fabulous one and that its beyond our control to stop.

*fabulous mode on*
org yg fabulous cam kita memang sentiasa diperati sebab sikda org sudi merati org 'fabuluso' cam sidak nya. so woman keep on writing.

Anonymous said...

You will be a brilliant mother :) and do not let all the negativities mess with your head. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Balqiz. For now. A writer will always be a writer. I know you will return.

Your not so silent reader,

Nadia said...



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