The Real Deal Behind All The Smiles and Carefree Laughter -Baby Making Part 21

Due to the sensitivity of this matter, I am protecting this post.


To loyal readers, the password is the same as all the Baby Making post which were previously protected.

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apijah said...

no worries long as ur baby moves actively..insyaAllah x ada papa deng..

bersusah2 dulu bersenang2 kmuadian..
maybe susah time pregnant senang masa nak deliver kelak.. :p

happy ok....enjoy the moments!

rouselleg said...

sounds like you're bella swan during her pregnancy. ;) i'm sure your baby boy will be just fine.

LadyBird said...

oohhhh cian nya *gives her a big warm hug*

sabar jak deng, its a mother sacrifice and its good that you jotted it all down here for little 'Joe' to know. it will be over soon, you'll be embarking to another stage of it and im sure you wouldnt mind to go thru it all over again in the near future. :)

Balqiz said...

Thanks you guys (T___T) *touched*


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