What Do I Know For Sure

What do you know about your life, your everything? Anything? I know for sure:

1. Expectations can be lethal. You can't control everything. At times, you just have to sit back and follow the flow.

2. The past has no power over the present unless you give it the power.

3. Problems don't always last. It will always pass.

4. Trust your instincs. It doesn't lie.

5. Every day brings a chance to start over. Life always give you a second chance.

6. Love yourself first. You are worth it.

7. You become what you believe. Therefore, hold on to what you believe even if it is a piece of string without no end.

8. Things happen for a reason and it will always benefit us.

9. What you give out, you will get it back in time. No matter what.

10. I know when you don't learn from your mistake, it will happen again and again until you learn not to do it again.



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