When in large crowded area, my senses go haywire.

I look but I don’t see. I hear but I don’t listen. I touch but I don’t feel.

And I absorb people’s energy easily. Too much energy exhausts me.

Too many people in one place, too much for me to handle. Spare me.

I opt for a peaceful and spacey surrounding as so I can breathe and live easily without throwing my inner demon in your face. And you won’t like meeting that demon. She throws one hell of a mean tantrum.


Feli said...

I think i am the same too. too many people stresses me out and the energy. I use to like it when I was younger and in collage but now... give me a country farm with neighbours living 5 km away anytime.

Kizz said...

Oh same here! I think I can live in a jungle provided the hut is fully aircondition, satelite TV, clean water and of course, Internet ^^


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