I Finally Wrote More than Two Sentences! *Throw Confetti*

You might notice my style of photography has changed a bit (some would scream “A LOT” and I would be like, “Really? Huh. Ok. Hey! Is that a baby porcupine? Awesomeness!”)

I’m just trying out something new. I still love people portrait photography but due to weather, assignments, works and travelling, I find it hard to find the time to take up people shots. I’ve people asking me to photograph them but my schedule is pretty tight that believe it or not, I’m tied up until May!

When I told a friend that I’m only free middle of May, she couldn’t believe her ears. Hell, I couldn’t believe it myself! I’ve never been that busy before but yeah well, I’m not complaining. I love every moment of it.

I’ve a pre-wedding photography coming this weekend and at the same time have to pass up my two assignments. Then, I’ve an interior design projects (for my house that is. I can’t bear living another year in a plain washed out white ceiling to wall house) and hopefully will start planting potted plants around my patio (for that I can tick off “start a garden” in my life list).

Then I’m planning to throw a BBQ cum Steamboat dinner among my friends end of this month. This is still a tentative plan since I might still be too caught up with the interior design project. And the Mister is coming back end of this month too (yeay!)

Early April, I’m helping Aizul to be his “door greeter” (alongside Nurul) on his wedding day. Can’t wait for that! He even gave me and Nurul a pair of matching material to be made as our “uniform” that day. But we improvised by designing it to our own taste. Mine’s designed as a Vietnamese Cheong-sam cum Baju Kurung. Will post a photo of me posing in it once it’s ready.

Then middle April, I’ll be flying off to KL again to celebrate my birthday. The plan is to go to Langkawi a day after I landed but the plan is still not firm yet as I’ve to check my budget. Langkawi or a new camera lens? Super tough decision yo!

A week after that, AGAIN I’ll be flying to KL and this time it’s for a course. Will be there for 5 days I think. Phew. I’ve to make sure I don’t unpack my bag after the birthday trip.

And then... EXAM!!!

Whoa. Digressing extremely. So yea back again to my photo... I love photography and I’m trying out something new every day just so I won’t get rusty when my mood/time to photograph human being in their greatest glory. However lately, I take a portrait of stuff around my house, food, sometimes scenes/landscape, sometimes abstracts that caught my eyes, sometimes an old buildings... well, there are all just a kind of portrait to me.

The end. Phew. That was LONG!


bongkersz said...

I want my photo taken!:D

Faster start a garden, so can lepak there. Can ah?

Kizz said...

Mena ndaaaak kaaaa... You ody got ur photo taken by a pro leh... me newbie only >.<


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