Kampung House, Rainforest Kidzworld, Singapore

There is a “Kampung House” inside Rainforest Kidzworld and I ventured inside thinking it was an indoor zoo for spiders and such.

Hoboy, was I wrong! Suffice to say, I had the creepiest time ever venturing by myself in the "house"

I saw this uncle sitting down using the type writer. At first, I thought that he was real but turns out he's a wax dummy! Freaky okay!

Okay, maybe he's not an uncle... maybe he's a woman. Who can tell? Scary!

After snapping few photos of the old guy, I turned to my left and almost swallowed my own tongue. Old lady sitting alone at a living room? Hoi! Damn eerie much!

I can imagine her cackling at me... with a broomstick in hand... *shudder*

Then I saw this old guy apparently trying to kill some reptiles. He's not that creepy ^^

Until I saw this lady!!! Arrrghhh!!! So real yet so waxy!

I officially will never ever want to go to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Gramma all alone.... *goosebumps*

THEN! Then I stumbled upon this bedroom with THIS FREAKY CREEPY KID ON THE BED WITH HIS HEAD BEND DOWN!!! WTF!!!!

He's scratching his leg coz some bed bugs bite em. I actually had to stiffle my startled scream when I first saw him

Scratch away my dear... scratch away. Must be really itchy...

One last look at creepy family of the Kampung House. Tada!


Faizal n Fashitah said...

Ngutik lii jak upa sidak patong tok. Gelik mek nangga eh..

Anonymous said...

it's creepy..!! arrhh...

Kizz said...

Faizal n Fashitah, nang ngutik! Bygkan kitak jalan2 SORANG dlm ya kakya bila kitak toleh ke blakang, ada org duduk katok2 giya. San nyawa mena!

Anonymous, tell me about it! Especially the granny sitting watching TV. Errghhh! Never again!

f.loren said...

aih. serious ngutik!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kizz said...

Mun kitak jenis nak takut ngan lepeh, mmg san nyawa nangga lepeh sebesar kerusi di lekat sidak kat dinding siya hahahaha


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