So... I heard you read a lot

I once made a promise to myself that no matter how busy life gets, I will find a way never stop reading.

In my super manic frantic life, I managed to keep my promise. So how did I do it?

By fully utilizing every seconds of free time that I have.

In the kitchen, while cooking or eating, I read.

In the toilet, while you-know-what, I read.

Before I sleep, I read. 
Also, we read to Kaisan before he go to sleep.

In the living room, while accompanying my husband watching TV, I read.

Stuck in a jam? I read in the car.

And everywhere I go, I bring this bagpack -filled with books.

So, in a month, I managed to read at least 5 books. Mission. Accomplished.


Dona D. Doni said...

woah...i wish i have your attitude. i used to read books. but after working all day, reading feels like a hard thing to do. zzz..

Anonymous said...

Reading is a good habit. They say there's where we gain knowledge and it's true. People who reads are smarter and knows stuff. This is what i observed :)

Anonymous said...

I spy 'The Millionaire Next Door'. baca tok nak rasa macam baca parenting books ajak. -kutasia-

Balqiz Sulaiman said...

Dona D. Doni, I have a lot of love with books that's why hahaha!

missroum87, smarter? That's not what I heard hahaha. Unpopular nerdfest geek, yes. Smart? Maaaaybe.

kutasia, TAJAM NA MATA! Hahaha! I love that book! Dah abis baca, mok baca agik!


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