My Cotton Candy Raya (The title has nothing to do with the post content. I just feel frivolous for no reason today)

I don’t know how bloggers who celebrate Raya can have the time to update their blogs. I can’t even find time to read my Facebook notifications let alone update my blog.

Before I ramble on (which I tend to do a lot and people still come here and read it –you guys are weird) I would like to say THANK YOU to all the encouraging words from all of you; send to me via emails and comments about my sister’s daughter. We appreciate all the prayers and good wishes and based on how many people visited my blog after I posted the story (mind blowing!), I hope this awareness is well received and actions are taken accordingly. Don’t wait until last minute because this is NOT a game. This is one’s life. You own child’s life.

Anyway, back to my super mundane life.

I anticipated this year’s Raya going to be tiring but I didn’t expect to see all my limps already falling off my body one by one on the very first day of Raya. It was scheduled to fall off on third day, dammit! From day one until Wednesday, me, my husband and Kaisan has been treating our house like a cheap motel –just a place for us to change, sleep and shower. If the house could talk, I won’t be surprised if it screams “I FEEL SO USED!”

We did not celebrate Raya at our own house because my brain frazzles easily when I picture myself as a host. I suck at that task. So, instead I joined force with my sister to celebrate it at her house. Since we share the same friends and family, we invited them to her house instead. I just provided monetary assistant and let the rest handled by her whereas I can sit back and stuff myself like crazy. I know right? I iz so awesome.

But I didn’t get to sit back and stuff my piggy face. I was EXTREMELY busy. My son… my beautiful perfectly well behaved son morphed into a hybrid rampaging bull crossed with Tasmanian devil on first day of Raya and only turned back into his angelic cooing baby self last night. He was a handful. He was throwing tantrums. He was grumpy. He was contemplating on how to efficiently strangle me in my sleep for depriving him of his naps. For allowing friends and relative to smother him with hugs and kisses, he has signed me up at a retirement home in Zimbabwe for me to grow old and alone.

Actually Kaisan is not afraid of people. Be it stranger or familiar faces, he’s happy to flash his 1000 megawatt smiles and allow you to carry him and all but he gets overly overwhelmed easily when there are more than 10 people trying to get his attention. And when that happens; my son tend to spew out fireballs. It’s his mutant power that we are so proud about. RAAAAAWWRRRRR RAAARRRRRR he goes and there goes my chance to sit and talk to visitors. I have to calm him down and bring him to a calmer surrounding. Once he stop breathing fire and back to his chuckling self, I would bring him back in the house. But since he’s like a walking cotton candy to kids and adult, he would be surrounded faster than you can say CRACK EM BUTT and he gets overwhelm again and RRRRRRRRROOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRR again. The scene gets very familiar by the third day of Raya that there’s a permanent stress lines fixed on my face.

We didn’t take many photos this Raya. Whatever that photos that were managed to be captured, I dumped it in my Instagram.

It's not to late to wish you all a SELAMAT HARI RAYA!



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