My 7 months old champ!

Good news: My son is already eating solid food, loves to stand up (assisted), recognized familiar faces more, apparently not afraid of fire crackers, moving around the house by rolling his body instead of crawling, crawls a bit but prefer standing up more, still smiles a lot, not a fussy eater, still breastfeeding, imitating certain noises like birds chirping and me coughing, imitating actions like kissing me smack at my lips because monkey see Daddy do it monkey do too, love watching Sesame Streets and an immediate stress reliever as and when hugged.

Greater news: I become an expert in baby’s poop.

Ever since Kaisan was born, I was told by the doctor to always monitor his poops. Watery runny poo means diarrhea. One piece of hard goat’s pellet-like stool means constipation. Green colored is a MAY-DAY! MAY-DAY! Yellowish with slight green means whatever he’s eating/drinking does not goes well with his digest system. Golden means PURRRRRRRRFECTO!

I find it handy to have this knowledge especially when I’m introducing him to solid food. Like, when I gave him baby cereal, he pooped greenish yellowish colored poop. Green poop means too much lactose or allergy towards the food. So I threw his cereal out the window, hoping it’ll hit my noisy neighbor’s nose.

He has been eating solid food for a month now (I started to feed him when he’s 6 months old) and I applied the four days wait rules –to see whether he’s allergic to the food or not. From there, I found out the hard way that he cannot eat yam, spinach, citrus fruits and pumpkin. All the listed either gives him diarrhea, gas or constipation.

Another month. Another milestone!

Enjoying his first swing!


Anonymous said...

He's totally adorable I want to eat his cheekkkkkssssss


Balqiz Sulaiman said...

Hi Zhu! Long time no hear from you :-)


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