Movie Addicts

I just want to record this down before I forgot. Knowing how easily my brain leak memories through my nose… Achoo!

Joe and me have this one tradition that definitely spells N-E-R-D-A-L-E-R-T. You see, whenever we go watch a movie at a cinema, we tend to dress up following the movie theme.

For instance, Avengers first movie, we all wore Marvel’s t-shirt. For the second Avengers movie, Kaisan choose to wear his Captain America mask and shield. I can’t remember what Joe was wearing but if I’m not mistaken it was an Ironman’s sweater.

For Starwars last December, the boys (including all my cousins) wore Jedi’s costume. I wish I had photos of them in their clocks and light saber flashing and all. I know. I can simply just go to their Instagram and get some but I’m lazy. There. Confession number 351.

And many more movies and costumes that I cannot recall. 

For tonight, since we were going to watch Zootopia, the kids came in as crocodiles! Watch the video below. I don’t feel like writing much tonight.



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