I'll Always Be There For You

Clad in all brown, Yasmin arrived at Marina Bay around 5pm with her fiancée, Romzi, who just came back from work. Despite the heat piercing our skin, Yasmin and Romzi managed to smile brightly and cheerfully for my first couple photo session.

Romzi was full of ideas on how to pose and I find it a great relief since I only know how to work with unmovable objects or fast-pacing objects that can’t sit still (*ahem babies/kids) and have no clues whatsoever to shoot a posing couple.

Since it was also my first try with my new Minolta 50mm lens, most photos didn’t turn out as awesome as I expected. I was having trouble with focusing. If I don’t get this skill sharpen as soon as possible, I’ll be in trouble the next time I photograph a running kid!




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