What's Next?

Last year, when I said goodbye to my job, I admit that there was a big part of me that was scared silly. The idea of leaving a stable job without another job waiting was so terrifying that I faced few anxieties attack.

But knowing me, the fear lasted for a day or two and after that I started to feel excited. I can’t deny that there’s an exhilarating feeling of I’m now free to do ANYTHING I want to do! I can be ANYTHING I want to be!

I toyed with the idea of working again and there are few options I have put some thoughts to it. Some ideas are big. Some are small.

I can study again. Probably take engineering? Medical? Pilot? Don’t laugh. Anything is possible even when it sounds so ludicrous. Or something as mundane as being cashier at a supermarket or a parking ticket attendance? I always wonder how it feels to be a cashier dealing with many types of people everyday and doing only one task only –repetitively.

The thing is, I love trying out new ideas. I’m born with an unsettled soul that craves for adventure and addicted new things. I get excited knowing this time I don’t have restriction to try and be whatever I want.

However, the downside of me being me is that I get bored easily. That is why 10 years in Shell, I moved department and have 4 roles.  Once I master something, I get the itch to move on to another project.

I started sewing last year. I played with the idea for 2 years and finally took the plunged last year. I didn’t go to any sewing class but relied heavily on Youtube videos and Pinterest. I even made some money selling my work. Then I got bored.

I started Kaisan’s ice-cream business. I made a lot of research and experiments on what flavor to make. His business soared but I got bored and lazy to make some more. To this date, he still talks about how he enjoyed having his own business. Alas his mom is no longer interested to pour her energy and sweat in it anymore.

And so many more.

But there are some of interests that I started years ago and lasted until now. Everyone who knows me knows I love reading. I started that when I was just a kid and as to date, I still read and although I read many kind of genre, I still go back to my historical romance novels for comfort reading.

4 years ago I was introduced to stock market. I fell in love and despite many losses made, the hardship I faced to learn and study the market and all, I am still here and enjoying it.

So… what’s next, me? Throughout my 36 years of life, I’ve done:

1.     Waitressing (Lasted only a day!)
2.     Salesgirl at a cd and cassette shop (lasted only a day!)
3.     Dentist assistant (lasted only a week!)
4.     Receptionist (Lasted only a week!)
5.     School canteen helper (Lasted only a month)
6.     Administrator (3 months)
7.     Clerk (Lasted for half a year)
8.     Telemarketing (Lasted for a year)
9.     Tuition teacher (Lasted for a year)
1.     Temporary teacher (Lasted for 3 months)
1.     Account clerk (3 years)
1.   Secretary (2 years)
1.    Quality Coordinator (3 years)
1.    Materials Buyer (1 year)

All sounds so boring. Except Quality Coordinator job. I actually enjoyed it immensely despite my frustration with the people I worked with and my lack of knowledge in the area. I put a lot of my time and effort to learn the role and gained knowledge from it but I was so hard on myself. I had two role models who walk and talk technical knowledge and I badly wanted to like them. Only when I left the role that I realized I actually know a lot more than I thought. Oh well. Water under the bridge.

I digress. Sorry. That’s how my mind wanders all the time.

As usual, I don’t know how to end this post. So I’ll just stop here.

Till then, ciao.



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